Filming Stories With Your Mobile Device

A certificate course to help you improve your filming skills on a mobile device and introduce you to sharing your story and interviewing.

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What You Will Learn

    1. Welcome to Folktale Academy

    2. About Folktale

    3. What to Expect

    4. Camera Orientation

    5. Front & Rear Camera

    6. Review & Retake

    1. Your Voice

    1. Sound

    2. Light

    3. Location

    1. B-Roll

    2. Shot Types

    3. Rule of Thirds

    4. Moving The Camera

    5. Steadiness

    1. Interview or Piece To Camera

    2. Eyeline

    3. Confidence

    1. Thank you!

    2. Survey Questions (Optional)

Filming Stories With Your Mobile Device

  • Free
  • 20 lessons
  • Record Practice Videos
  • Self paced learning 1-2hrs

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Any individual can simply press record. But it takes commitment and empathy from a deeply interconnected community for well told stories to be created.