Ethics in Mobile Storytelling

A certificate course designed to better prepare you for capturing stories in the field.

If you're filming and capturing people's stories then this course is for you. This course will support mobile storytellers to have a greater understanding of how to operate ethically when working with people who are sharing their stories.
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What You Will Learn

    1. The Role of Story and the Rise of Mobile Storytelling

    2. All About Folktale Academy

    3. Folktale Academy Modules Overview

    4. About Folktale

    1. Overview: Starting The Journey with Empathy

    2. Definition of Empathy

    3. The Role of Empathy in Storytelling

    4. Scenario: Empathy in Action

    1. Overview: Effective Listening

    2. Definition of Effective Listening

    3. How to be a Better Listener

    4. Nonverbal Communication

    5. Community Dynamics: An Introduction

    6. Community Dynamics: Understanding Context

    7. Quiz: Empathy & Effective Listening

    1. Overview: Ethics in Storytelling

    2. Definition of Dignity

    3. How to Uphold People's Dignity

    4. Scenario: Unconscious Bias in Action

    5. Definition of Integrity

    6. How to Act with Integrity

    7. How to Improve Transparency

    8. Scenario: Integrity in Action

    9. Accessibility & Inclusion: The Storytelling Process

    10. Accessibility & Inclusion: Audiences

    11. Scenario: Accessibility & Inclusion in Action

    12. Quiz: Ethics in Storytelling

    1. Consent, Privacy & Confidentiality Overview

    2. Definition of Consent

    3. Consent: Informed Consent

    4. Consent: How to Document Consent

    5. Consent: Locations

    6. Definition of Privacy

    7. Privacy: Individuals

    8. Confidentiality: Organizations

    9. Privacy: Understanding Context

    10. Privacy & Confidentiality: While Filming

    11. Scenario: Consent & Privacy in Action

    12. Quiz: Consent, Privacy & Confidentiality

    1. Prioritizing Safety Overview

    2. Definition of Child Safeguarding

    3. Child Safeguarding in the Storytelling Process

    4. Scenario: Child Safeguarding in Action

    5. Definition of Physical Safety

    6. Physical Safety in the Storytelling Process

    7. Definition of Mental Health & Safety

    8. Mental Health & Safety in the Storytelling Process

    9. Definition of Digital Safety

    10. Digital Safety in the Storytelling Process

    11. Quiz: Prioritizing Safety

Ethics in Mobile Storytelling

  • $59.00
  • 51 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • Quizzes & Certification
  • Self paced learning 2-3hrs
  • Supports users of Folktale*

*If you’re part of a Folktale workspace, you may be eligible to access this course for free. Please contact your workspace admin to enquire.

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